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High productivity, low costs, reliable quality, and short process times are the goals of every manufacturer. To achieve them requires continuous effort. Nothing remains static. Advances in technology and materials, style changes, the emergence of new sources and rising costs mean constantly shifting competitive conditions. New tools and resources need to be understood and applied.

Increased productivity does not have to require capital investment. Common sense improvements, when tied with increased management responsiveness, and employee involvement and motivation often deliver tremendous results at very low capital equipment investment. Your people deliver the products and services that make your company. Giving your people the training and motivation they need to do this cost effectively will increase productivity, sales, and services.

World Class Operations and Service is a vision that most companies have. It is a goal that most progressive companies want and need to achieve. COMPANYABBV works with clients in helping them achieve maximum productivity in their manufacturing, sourcing, and service processes. To help manufacturing best serve the company's marketing efforts, CRG Consulting continues to provide comprehensive services to all levels and in all areas of apparel production. With almost 200 years of industry experience, the COMPANYABBV staff is uniquely qualified to help apparel manufacturers meet the many challenges facing them today.

We offer services for Operations in the following areas:

  • Sewing & Cutting Room Engineering (methods and workplace engineering, work measurement and incentives, layout and material handling)
  • Manufacturing Audits
  • Equipment Feasibility Studies
  • Monitoring R & D Projects
  • Design and Engineering
  • Material Utilization & Waste Control
  • Modular Manufacturing
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • In-Plant Computer Applications
  • Quality Control Programs - SQC
  • New Plant Startups
  • Sourcing Studies (import,807,contractor)
  • Plant Location

Working with COMPANYABBV means getting results. Our clients are progressive companies in the apparel and needle industry. They are both large and small. Some are listed on the NYSE while others are privately owned by dynamic entrepreneurs. All of them, along with COMPANYABBV, share a dedication to quality, service, and efficiency.

Regardless of the dynamics of the company, we have successfully worked with our clients to produce tangible results with real bottom line savings.

Following is a sampling of what we have achieved through our results oriented projects.

  • Annual direct & indirect labor savings of $550,000 of cutting room for work clothing manufacturer
  • SAM reduction of 24% & direct labor savings of $480,000 of sewing room for work clothing manufacturer
  • Suit plant startup in Mexico for Men's tailored clothing manufacturer; 85% efficient in less than 8 months
  • Material savings of $1,200,000 through cut planning & material utilization; increased cutting heights, marker efficiency, spread loss & remnant usage
  • SAM reduction of 30% & direct labor savings of $780,000 of sewing room for casual pant manufacturer
  • Sourcing study for men's tailored clothing manufacturer; joint venture partner found & investments in excess of $3,500,000 made resulting in lower operating costs
  • SQC program resulting in reduction in number of irregulars to below 1.5% & pass AQL audits of 4.0 $ 2.5; annual savings of $700,000 through reduction of irregular garments & repairs

CRG Consulting is a full service, international consulting organization. Since its beginning in 1981, it has followed the principles of specialization, particularly in the needle trade. The policies set down by its founders remain unchanged.