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Human Resource Development and Training

Employee retention, safety, high productivity, low costs, reliable quality, and short process times are the goals of every manufacturer. To achieve them requires continuous effort. Nothing remains static. The apparel industry will always be labor intensive. The key to good operators and supervisors is their training and motivation. Workers' expectations are changing and it is getting more difficult to keep good employees. Because of this, manufacturers must develop more effective and imaginative programs to attract, train, and retain productive employees at every level within the organization. The competition for top talent increases daily.

ICG has successfully conducted human resource programs that make operators more productive and efficient, supervisors more effective in motivating and managing operators, managers and engineers more results oriented and with greater people skills and problem solving abilities. Our bilingual staff has very successfully conducted these programs in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

All of our Human Resource and Training programs have specific objectives which the success of the program can be measured against. Most of them result in substantial cost reductions and productivity increases.

ICG offers a total approach to human resources:This is an actual graph tracking the results of Supervisor & Engineering Training in terms of Real Plant Efficiency (36% increase) for an offshore client of COMPANYABBV.

  • Management Professional Development
  • Supervisor Training
  • Engineering Training
  • Operator Skill Training
  • Induction Programs
  • Meticulous Hiring Procedures for: Operators, Supervisors and Managers
  • EMT - Effective Methods Training
  • Site Selection and Labor Surveys
  • Comprehensive Personnel Programs - Team Building and Operator Empowerment


Working with ICG means getting results. Our clients are progressive companies in the apparel and needle industry. They are both large and small. Some are listed on the NYSE while others are privately owned by dynamic entrepreneurs. All of them, along with ICG, share a dedication to quality service, and efficiency.

Regardless of the dynamics of the company, we have successfully worked with our clients to produce tangible results with real bottom line savings.

Following is a sampling of what we have achieved through our results oriented projects.

  • Decreased annual turnover from 187% to 34% and decrease in the training time of new operators for men's tailored clothing company by implementing meticulous hiring procedures and an effective method of training (EMT); this also resulted in increased plant efficiency from 72% to 90%
  • 20% reduction in the direct labor cost per unit through a comprehensive supervisory training course that was coupled with concrete production, efficiency and loss time goals
  • 33% productivity increase through proactive motivation program and a revision in the operator and supervisor incentive scheme and supervisor training course
  • 25% increase in productivity for an intimate apparel company due to a management development course that focused on specific production, efficiency, loss time, turnover, and absenteeism goals
  • 28% reduction in the direct labor cost per unit for a men' tailored clothing company through a comprehensive engineering training course that was joined with concrete goals aimed at reducing SAM, work-in-process, and improving methods
  • Reduction in excess direct labor costs by $260,000 for a work clothing company through supervisory training, operator selection, and EMT


All of the training that ICG performs is conducted in the production environment and the actual work place. It is practical and produces results.

CRG Consulting is a full service, international consulting organization. Since its beginning in 1981, it has followed the principles of specialization, particularly in the needle trade. The policies set down by its founders remain unchanged.